Creative Dog Media

Based in Richmond, VA, Creative Dog Media was formed in 2014 to provide aerial imaging and videography using UAV's equipped with 4K cameras. Creative Dog Media delivers commercial and consumer applications in a more cost efficient manner while still delivering professional results.

In talking with founder, Daryl Watkins, he expressed a love for the outdoors and his faithful Labrador companions. What excited him most was exploring exotic locations in RVA at sunrise and sunset to capture dramatic imagery. What sets Creative Dog Media apart from other aerial/drone photographers is the artistic approach and eye Daryl  brings to his compositions.

When conceptualizing the look of the brand I wanted to evoke the outdoors and creativity. The dog looking up conveys creativity, wonderment and the sky (which is where Daryl shoots all of his photos from). In designing the collateral and badges, I wanted them to feel like National Park Service badges, but with a modern approach that recognizes Creative Dog’s use of an emerging technology.