Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix

Texas Bloody Mary Mix was created by friends from Richmond, Virginia. While working in the industry as bartenders, they realized there was an immediate need for a mix with all the good stuff already in the bottle. So they set out on the long journey to create the tasty, authentic, and responsibly produced Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix.

The name Texas Beach comes from their favorite part of the James River, located in lovely Richmond, Virginia at the end of Texas Avenue.

When discussing Texas Beach needs, it was apparent the creators wanted a brand that wasn't like any of the current bloody mary brands out there. They wanted it uniquely Richmond and bold. Richmond has a long been known for its historic punk and metal scene and boasts some of the best tattoo shops in the world. These characteristics  steered the imagery for the brand.

In working with locally famed Illustrator Brad Douglas for the illustration, we were able to create a scene that tells a narrative around the bottle. Not only did this increase the product’s shelf awareness, it also added to the experience of customers picking up and turning the bottle to view the full illustration.

When Texas Beach started, it had three other competitors vying to be Richmond's flagship Bloody Mary Mix. Three years later, they are the only ones still around and have solidified themselves as Richmond's Mix.

As far as voice and tone, we felt it should be aggressive and challenge what people think a bloody mary should be. Some examples include: "For REAL Bloody Mary Drinkers" and "Richmond on the Rocks."